The Countdown

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who's Lurking? I Love Lurkers.

I changed the comment settings for this blog so that anyone can post comments to it. If you are out there reading, we'd love for you to drop a comment and let us know! Otherwise, how do we know who to invite to the painting party? At a minimum, are you a roller or an edger?


  1. I am an edger for sure.


  2. I am apparently a lurker and a stalker also, I check in regularly to see how your life is. Love all your blogs, and miss you so very much.

  3. You caught me - I'm a lurker too!! Although I just got caught up. When can I come see it in person?? I LOVE looking at houses (in progress or complete - doesn't matter! J calls it a sickness...) and I love the details too :) Great progress so far - excited for yall! and btw, I can roll AND edge like a pro ;-)