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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Putting Up Walls

This week our beloved sanitary sewer hook up went in. As you can see below, the Builder saw cut down the street towards the line we were supposed to go into originally (only farther down) and Voila! A connection is born.

Week 10 - We did a little dance because the utilities are all hooked up.

The next step was to begin closing in the walls now that water, sewer, gas and electric lines all passed inspection. So insulation was finished in one day, and following another City inspection, they wasted no time throwing up the sheet rock. Sheet rock means we have walls! Some what. The sheet rock should be done tomorrow, and our guess is that they will be able to finish the "tape and float" process by Wednesday or so. That will mean "for real" walls.

For the record, the meaning of tape and float has been completely lost on me for some time (decades), but I finally had the sense to ask. Taping is intuitive - it is taping the seams of the sheet rock to seal them. The floating part is less so, and it turns out there is no magic carpet process involved, "float" is simple the term for the mud that is applied to the sheet rock to smooth things out (i.e. the textured part you put holes in with nails when you hang things. The crumbly stuff.).

Week 10 - "Lellow" Insulation (Lilly's terms).

Week 10 - Sheet rock progress on stairways.

Week 10 - If you squint very hard, you can somewhat picture a living room.

Week 10 - Encroaching on the third floor.

Week 10 - The Master bath and closet are finito.

Following the sheet rock floating, we anticipate that the door trim and baseboards are next. Maybe not to far down the line we will get to see all the cabinets come in? I am still not sure which goes in first, the cabinetry or the flooring. Speaking of flooring, the concrete on the first floor has been polish and sealed, but is covered up, so there isn't much to see or report on that development. We'll have to wait for the reveal for more detail there, as I anticipate the cover will be on the floor right up to move in.

Remember our friends who emblazoned their love for ACDC on the front porch concrete? That act of loyalty to questionable metal bands has earned us a freshly tiled porch, as it doesn't seem as if the lettering can be polished out or filled in. Not too shabby.

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