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Sunday, May 1, 2011

From the Window, to the Wall

Are you needing more photos of walls? I thought so. Come on in and check out the second floor please.

Week 11 - Here we come upon the 2nd floor stair landing...

Week 11 - Well hello! Excuse the mess in the kitchen.

Week 11 - The Dining area, prior to the buffet and china cabinet installation.

Week 11 - A birds' eye view of the living room.

And as a surprise to us (and our angry diagonal neighbor), they started cinder-blocking the exterior at 7am on Saturday morning. They finished about half of it, and the remainder will happen on Monday and Tuesday.

We had chosen colors for the siding paint and trim of the siding, but after seeing that the cinder-block color is darker than we anticipated, we will be changing our mind to a lighter color for siding. That being said, I am torn on trim color. The trim will only be painted a contrasting color around windows that fall within the siding part of the exterior. Because the house is generally in shades of greys, I wanted to do something louder and more cheerful for the small amount of window trim. I was hoping for a chartreuse type color, but the shade I'm looking for doesn't seem to come in exterior paint.

Do we go with a yellow? A green? Or another shade of grey?

Let's have the interwebz weigh in. You can make decisions here! Or help me make one (thanks!). Please vote anonymously below using the buttons.

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