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Friday, July 1, 2011

You Just Never Know

So many little loose ends were (and are still in the process of being) tied up this week.  The truth is that the details are what make it feel more like a home, like us, and I think it's a good sign that our natural reaction is to kick off our shoes as soon as we step inside.  This is also why I like to believe that the details are important, no matter how much they can drive me loony.  It's not all complete however, and the punch list I handed the GC on Tuesday is being accomplished, one small skirmish at a time (his battles, not ours).

Week 20 - "Access Granted" - The front gate call box has a color camera we can view inside, and a woman's voice to welcome you if you know the code, albeit a little seductively.

Week 20 - Looking to the first floor, we are very happy with the new carpet.  Even if carpet wasn't our first choice (it was one of those compromises we had to make based on limited budget), it feels like velvet below your feet.

Week 20 - The ovens finally went in with the correct voltage for power.  The bottom oven is a full size oven, and the top one I am told is a speed oven.  This translates loosely to a combination mini-oven-slash-microwave.  I'm a little intimidated by the appliances so far.  I'm pretty sure this is Andrew's ploy to keep me completely out of the kitchen for good.
Week 20 - The vent hood is installed; however, we are still missing the extension cover which cost us Lilly's college educations (Hey-yo! scholarships!) for the beautiful  mechanicals above.  The custom-ordered piece was too short (I am rolling my eyes because of all the drama required for this seemingly insignificant extension, taking up way too much energy in this process).

Week 20 - View from the dining, just short of the ability to watch television while eating (the way it should be!).

Week 20 - The view from the living room to the kitchen.  Andrew, please let me know when dinner will be ready, kthanks.

Week 20 - The cabinet covers in the living room are perforated pressed aluminum, and we're hoping this allows the signal to go through from a remote to the components.  This is one of those things we haven't actually tested and we're hoping works in more than theory.

Week 20 - The frameless glass shower door in the master bath - I feel like the addition of the glass doors and mirror make a big difference in the spatial feel of the bathroom.  It's not a very large master bath, but it feels better to me now.

Week 20 - Peekaboo, I see you.  The blue boxes on the counter hold the towel bars/rings which need to be installed.  This was also one of those items that I had no idea about.  By that, I mean I had no idea how expensive bathroom hardware was.  HOLY SMOKES.  The Builder installed their "standard" which we proceeded to hate immediately.  The result being a weekend of searching for complimentary hardware, and finding out how not easy that is to find in stock, or even in a price which doesn't feel like assault.  So when you come over and wash your hands in the bathroom, please tell me you are at a minimum not offended by the towel bar.  It helps ease the pain.

Week 20 - The right side of the master bath.  It looks so spacious.  Maybe we should install a couch?

Week 20 - It is such a lonely space, this space with no bath tub.  Bath tub, please be worth it, I don't want to resent you.

Week 20 - The view from our master bedroom - Complete with new construction trailers.  Yes, the apartment complex straight on is expanding into the next phase and will be using the strange empty lot in front of our house for management and lay down area.  Sad face.  But happy face for new retail/commercial development to explore within walking distance.
And in the spirit of setting our expectations low, and then delighting us with better than low, the tub arrived yesterday!  Ahead of/behind schedule (depending on your perspective)! The plumbing to accommodate it is still being adjusting, but I am just relieved it fits in the space at all.

This means, we are moving in next Friday!  Twenty-one weeks from start to finish, and I can't believe it.  Now I will proceed to panic about the lack of packing accomplished by yours truly.  Where are those magical fairies when I need them?

Week 20 - I couldn't be happier to see you Mr. Tub.  My, you are looking svelte today.

Week 20 - Let's not fight, I didn't mean what I said about not wanting you from the beginning.  I will make it up to you by committing to one soaking session a week.  Sacrifices.

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