The Countdown

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Demolition Derby - The Home Edition

Guys, they just BARELY touched the house with a back hoe loader yesterday, but I will take that as some progress!  We have been waiting week after week to see when the utilities would all be disconnected and the demo crew would start.  Patience is not my virtue.  

We are in demolition mode this week, so hopefully that means we're not too far from forms and slab being poured.  However, we are still waiting on City permits, so that could slow us down.  The way development is booming in Houston, the permitting department is waaaay backed up so I'm not terribly optimistic, but maybe before the end of the month?  Our builder gets their next payment from us when slab is poured so there is incentive here to get a move on and start knocking on some doors.

Mo' $$$ Mr. Builder, *AHEM* just sayin'.

There were a lot of curious neighbors lingering around, but so far they seem nice about it.  I have a sentimental part of me that doesn't like destroying old buildings, but this particular one was beyond any hope of remodel, even if I was that kind of ambitious.  I joked with Andrew that if it was still up at Halloween we could easily turn it into a haunted house for the neighborhood with very little effort on our part.  And we all know I love a good Halloween party.  But NEXT year... The gears are already in the works my friends!

Right now we are still hoping for move in by the end of March (perhaps Easter in the new house?), but that will depend on a lot of different factors out of our control.  In the mean time I will be praying for very little rain before the house gets dried in.


  1. You didn't want to keep that beauty? The window awning alone is epic.

    1. You could set up a drive thru at that window!