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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To the windowwwwww, to the [sheetrocked] wall

Just so you get some Lil Jon stuck in your head this evening...  I didn't even get the lyrics right the first time I wrote the title.  It should be FROM the window to the wall.  I'm this close to having my Ghetto Card revoked, I know.

Behold, they said let their be light, and there was sheetrock.  Which is not exactly light, but closer.

The entrance looking into the dining room on your left.

This was my we-are-not-moving-unless-we-have-this ... the mud room. And just beyond that the bathroom, so you can pee in privacy.

Yes, the glorious door.  Which is causing a minor issue.  Again.  For another day.

The living room.

The kitchen (it looks kind of like a transformer face... Am I the only one that sees it?)

The big kitchen window for serving to the counter outside.  It's like a food truck in here.

Upstairs landing - media/play room on the left, master bedroom entrance straight ahead.

That's a lot of stairs.

Looking at the landing and secret entrance to the bonus storage room on the back left.

The master bedroom - you can finally tell there is a trayed ceiling.  Eventually there will be rope lighting in the ceiling pop-up.

The master bath, not very big but probably twice as big as what we currently have.

The shower is our winner for our first official change order.  Somehow we thought during design that with three shower heads we could still get away with no door to the shower and not soak the entire bathroom.  That is probably not true, so we are adding a glass door.

Lastly, looking at the hallway down into the kids' bathroom.  I like how the light makes a perfect X in the middle of the hallway floor.  We have an extra storage closet on the left and the laundry room on the right.  Hint hint kids, the laundry room is RIGHT THERE LOOK HOW EASY IT IS TO PUT AWAY YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES.


Next steps inside are texturing the walls, installing the garage door and hopefully cabinets the following week or two.  Outside we are starting to lay brick and put in the railings on the back balcony and stairs. Four months in, about two months to go.

T-minus two days until our house goes on the market, so we are saying all our prayers to Saint Joseph right now.  Please let this be quick and let someone who is awesome buy this house.

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