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Friday, March 11, 2011

2nd Floor, 1st Pietro

The end of the week was marked with a second floor! The big surprise? Holy cow we ordered big windows. The framing is in for the windows on the bottom two floors, and we didn't realize how obsessive we got during planning with having big picture windows. We did upgrade our windows to Pella windows because I was stubborn that I wanted European-style casement windows, and we were both adamant on having energy efficient windows.

Also, we see how big the balcony is, which is about how I pictured it: enough to have a small group of family or friends over for a dinner/cocktail party "on the terrace." Look how fancy I aspire to be.

We're hoping to work on the 3rd floor today, and start on roofing next week. May the weather be in our favor!

Week 4 - The "Daytime" Floor.
I suspect we will spend 80% of our time on the second floor.

Week 4 - "Terrace" Action

Week 4 - The view from our kitchen windows.
Let's try to ignore the 8 million electric lines outside, okay?

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