The Countdown

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Spy.

The third floor started today, and tomorrow it should be finished up (even though I'm surprised they're working on the weekend). Hallelujah the framing is almost done. I feel like we're borderline staulking the house at this point, and at any moment the construction crew will file a restraining order against us.

Week 4 - I spy a third floor, i.e. the "Nighttime Floor," complete with bedrooms.

Because we visit the site several thousand times a days, the neighbors have started to come out and introduce themselves to us more and more. [Meet the Staulkers, starring the wackjob couple and screaming toddler. Hah. hah. hah.] Everyone has been really nice and welcoming, and everyone also tries to restrain their curiousity - some are more willing to ask details about design than others. For obvious reasons, no body wants a huge pile of Ugly next door.

We got bad news however; the neighbors directly next door to us, the ones whom we have been in contact with, learning from and growing closer to this whole time are putting their home up for sale next week. We were crushed, especially when we heard they just seperated. There is a whole lot of the "D" word going around right now, and it seems to hit hard to witness it (I can only imagine the pain of an actual participant). We are hoping for equally great neighbors to move in, so if you're in the market for an amazing piece modern house, custom done by a talented architect (the owner himself), it is worth a look. If only to see the sprawling master suite and tub.

Plus I've heard the neighbors aren't too bad.

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