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Monday, March 14, 2011

Like a Complex Game of Pick-Up-Sticks

Framing was finished last week, which means we got to walk around all 3 floors, and introduce Lilly to her future bedroom. She was stoked, and I'm sure she understood exactly what was going on [i.e. she is increasing her real estate value].

So comparison time. Here is kinda-sorta what this is ideally supposed to look like eventually:

Plan view, dressed up with colors, kind-of.

And here is the match stick version:

Week 4 - The Light coming in the Attic.

Week 4 - You know that guy is sick of treking all those boards up 4 flights of stairs.

These photos don't include the finished roof joists and hurricane clips/straps, but you get the general idea. On the top floor is the master bedroom, Lilly's room, The Woman Cave, and the laundry room (and no, those last two aren't the same thing, thanks for asking).

Why a Woman Cave you ask? Many houses have a Man Cave right? The garage or a den or a media room, maybe. Andrew's Man Cave is the kitchen, and he had a ball with that one - picking appliances, counter tops, and the exact hinges for the pantry slide-out thingies. So the small room known affectionately as the Woman Cave is an office, that I hope to set up with our computers, all the electronic doo-hickies, books, photography equipment and design inspiration. Fingers crossed that it doesn't become a "junk room"; my track record isn't good.

This week, Week 5, we hope to have the roof started. The goal is to move quickly to get the house "dried in" so that we can not have to worry about weather delays. May the Weather Gods continue to look with delight upon us. I will now show my unending appreciation to them all with a rain/sun dance. Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to y'all.

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