The Countdown

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The solution to the problem with the floating cinder block has been solved by bringing down the siding farther to meet the bottom of the balcony header. Voila, no floating cinder block, but we do now have to drop the dining room window on the west side so it's not right up against the siding/cinder block seam. Fortunately, that is an easy fix at this stage in the game.

Did you notice the addition of fencing around the perimeter of the site? That is new as well due to a run in with a homeless man who may or may not have scared the living daylights out of me when I was checking out this place myself this weekend. This is the joy of building in a high density population area. It's not that I mind if he hangs out there to rest at night or get some shelter really (although I'm probably not supposed to say that), I'm just not keen on the idea of other activity happening. If you could be so kind, please do not deal crack or relieve yourself in my future home (say hello to the convenient port-o-potty). Much appreciated.

(That hasn't happened to my knowledge. Yet.)

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