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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Guided Guts Tour

Reconciling on of yesterday's snafus, we have the correct siding being installed today.

Week 6 - Smoothness preferred.

So it's about time to introduce you to the guts, the glory, and the mess that is the inside of our house thus far. I take no blame for this mess, however. At a minimum I need to document for posterity.

Week 6 - You walk in to our front door, and the door to your left leads to the wonderful, spacious 2-car garage. For someone who has never had this much parking space before, it is a luxury. In the corner, we added a mop-sink connection for those days when Lilly doesn't earn a hot shower. Just kidding. Kind of.

Week 6 - To the right on the first floor is the guest bedroom and guest bathroom. This is how we hope to entice people to visit us. Hi, you don't have to sleep on the couch anymore, please come see us!

Week 6 - When you go up the switchback stairs, on your far left you find the dining area. It's a narrow room, and there will be a buffet and some built-ins on the far wall between the double windows.

Week 6 - Next to the dining area is the kitchen, the Man Cave in all it's glory. Using your imagination, we'll have a "peninsula" in the middle to sit at, which is connected on one side to the pantry, and on the other to the coffee bar. I don't drink coffee, so you can tell who's idea it was. I just demand some kind of cocoa or tea option.

Week 6 - Looking past the kitchen "peninsula" there will be the wet bar and powder room. Where there is alcohol, there should always be a restroom nearby. Experience.

Week 6 - Past the powder room, down some stairs and adjacent to the living room is the entrance to the balcony. If we're spending 80% of our time on the 2nd floor, then I plan on spending 89% of that time out here.

Week 6 - The Living Room That Was A Lot Narrow Than We Pictured. I refuse to buy furniture for this space until we're in because I get hives when I think about things I picked out in my head not fitting.

Week 6 - Moving up to the 3rd floor, on the far left is Lilly's room. She has the best view of the Magnolia trees in the behind-neighbors yard.

Week 6 - The Woman Cave/Office. I know it's tiny, but it's mine, and I can't wait to set up.

Week 6 - And here's the Master bedroom. The best part is the slanted ceiling and windows. If we ever furnish this room, it will be the first time both Andrew and I have had REAL furniture in our bedroom since we were kids. Fingers crossed.

Week 6 - What's this? In the Master is this super secret door that won't actually exist. We framed out for resale in case someone wants the office to be connected to the Master as a sitting room/weight room/yoga room, you name it. Always thinking ahead.

Week 6 - This is a very poor photo of the Master bath, which is not sprawling by any stretch of the imagination, but it is leaps and bounds bigger than anything Andrew and I have shared thus far. For us, double sinks are a huge upgrade. On the left is the shower, and behind it the toilet room. On the right is the free-standing tub and the door to the closet. Straight ahead under the horizontal window is the double sinks.

Week 6 - And we end on the high note - the Master Closet. My brain explodes with the possibilities when I look at this space because it is approximately 4,594,305,439 larger than our current clothing storage options. And you bet your Loubitins there will be a wall of shoes. It's only proper.

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