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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Angels are Singing

Guys.  It's here.  This week was Tile Week.  I have been staulking the tile guys more often than I care to admit.

*contented sigh*

The first of last week, the counter tops arrived.  So I won't lie, the order was right except for the edging.  We went back and forth on the edging several times, but eventually settled on a square edge.  As you can see, it is not square, it is round.  The change must have gotten lost in the order.  We decided to keep it as is, and we're hoping this means it will be less prone to chipping.

Week 15 - Kitchen Right.  Centered on the counter will be the 5-burner gas range.

Week 15 - Wet Bar, minus the beverage refrigerator.

Week 15 - Silky Smooth Bar-ness.

Week 15 - Le Buffet.  Yes, the cabinet fronts are still wrong.

Meanwhile, the showers and utility room were getting started by the tilers.  Yee haw!

Week 15 - The Guest Shower is progressing nicely.

Week 15 - Lilly's bath is mid-way through.  Sorry for the compromising angle, Sir.

Week 15 - We're short a few rectangles, bu the master bath floor is getting there.

Week 15 - The tedious job of tiling the master shower.  I think this one took the longest.

Week 15 - The Utility room is laid (hah) out and ready for grout.

A few weeks ago, I saw a photo online of a tile layout that I liked (danger, I am still ready an embarassing number of design blogs), and asked the GC to oblige me on the balcony tile.  It didn't require that he change anything about the tile we ordered, it only required A LOT more work, i.e. sawing every single 12"x12" tile in half and then laying it out in a crazy pattern.  It didn't cost any extra, but I think it breaks up all the horizontal lines on the balcony well.

Week 15 - The herringbone design begins.  This guy worked tirelessly for two days straight on this one balcony.
I will post the reveals of the final product this week.  We were gone all weekend, and came back to mostly completed tile work, and it was pretty much the best Memorial Day gift ever.  I didn't get to follow through on my dream of handing each individual tile to the kitchen-backsplasher so the randomness would be properly randomized; however, I may have left explicit, scaled, tile-by-tile instructions in my absence.  I'm glad I did, because I love the result.

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