The Countdown

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Final Tile Product

As promised (and earlier than expected!)...  The tile mostly done, minus some grouting and edging finishes.

Week 16 - A splash of color in the kitchen.  And the pensinsula counter with sink!  Notice, my specific directions lying next to the sink for posterity.

Week 16 - Face up, that is where the cooking magic should happen.

Week 16 - Coffee Bar, please apply for the barista job within.

Week 16 - And while we're on the subject of bars - the wet bar, complete with sequin-esque backsplash.  Why not be a little over the top?  We're not serving bologna sandwiches here.

Week 16 - This was probably a complete pain for the Tiler, but I appreciate his sweat and hard work.
Week 16 - Attempting to harness my chi.  Glass subway tile and river rock bottom.

Week 16 - There is still white grout to be put in, but my feet tingle with glee for this surface.