The Countdown

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paint Problem

I'm behind on posting about last week's progress, and I will update on the interior tonight (hopefully).
However, this is an emergency.
The exterior paint has gone up (first coat) and you all were so helpful in picking a trim color. It is really hard to visualize this kind of thing, and I had no idea that the cinder block would brown so much (we're planning on leaving it sealed, but natural). We're having trouble pin-pointing exactly what we don't like, but we both know we don't like it all together. Something is amok. And I know it's going to annoy us if we don't fix it. The trim paint color is a brown but on the purple side of brown. And green trim is almost to sparse to make a real impact. Add in browning, meant-to-be-grey cinder block and we're left feeling like it's the exterior paint version of Lohan, i.e. Hot Mess.
I extra love the Humorous Green for the front door, but around the thin trim, it comes off looking like the punch line of a joke being repeated over and over until it's just not funny anymore.
I like the Bitter Chocolate on the balcony railing, and I'm thinking that it may be better to repeat that color on the window trim instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm leaving the green door.
Andrew has a different idea, and feels like the window trim should be a dark grey now. I am not particularly liking the idea if adding yet ANOTHER color to the mix, and think that could end up being a different but also messy look.
Andrew is even bringing out fighting words. As in, "but the balcony is MAROON." No offense to the Aggies, but I have an innate dislike for the maroon decor of the early nineties, and Andrew is playing this card to his advantage. RASCAL.
Help. Are we barking up the wrong paint disaster?


  1. What if you got a little crazy and painted the balcony railings & the garage door green to try and carry the color down to the ground level a little bit more? Is the white trim "under" the balcony & the garage door trim going to stay white? Do you think painting those green would help? If that's a no-go option, then I agree with you -- paint the window trim the same color as the balcony railings. You would already have too many colors (trim, cinder blocks, windows, garage door, balcony) to try and add another shade of grey.

  2. The window trim is too thin for the green color to have any visual impact. Almost need fill the whole window area with green color. Have u consider adding some wood awing around window or above the window to add more green color? If not, paint the trim same color as the railing or the wall itself will be good. - Cynthia