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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rectified, Right?

Ok guys, once again I owe everyone who responded and gave me advice a big thank you and a case of wine. Andrew graciously threw his hands up in the air and said "fine!" and we went with the balcony NON-MAROON bitter chocolate color on the window trim.
I agreed that the green generally looked like we were trying to go big with a color, but didn't in fact have the balls to pull through all the way. Maybe next house will be painted entirely green, I can only hope! For now, I covet the green front door.
Instead of questioning our ballsiness (new term), I will say that I am pleased with the result, and think it looks a little cleaner/mature. Am I wrong? Maybe the green fried a few of my brain cells? (Don't answer that.). The green door is still my dose of humor, but the rest is less erratic now.
And bonus, Andrew is even happy with it. This is me not saying I told you so.

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