The Countdown

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chaos Within

For the past couple weeks, the inside has been a whirlwind of activity.  The major items of work have been plumbing and electricity.  If you live with a boy, you need a toilet, it’s just the way things go (I still maintain that women never actually use the toilet for it’s intended purpose, it’s where we go to chat privately).

The outside is obviously getting a dose of work itself, and the landscaping arugment discussion will need to be settled soon.  Wish us [both] luck!

Week 16

Week 16 – We have toilets and sinks that remind me of elementary school.  Rad.
Week 16 – Lilly’s bathroom is stylin’ with rectangular sinks and Hollywood-style lights.

Week 16 – The importance of light and smoke alarms can not be emphasized enough.  How else will Andrew manage to wake the neghborhood while cooking bacon on Saturday mornings?

Week 16 – I apologize in advance to the IKEA haters out there, but the light just worked in the office, and it was cheap.  I have an[other] aversion to the builder “mushroom” or “nipple” standard ceiling lights.

Week 16 – Courtesy of CB2, the kitchen pendant lights.  It’s getting hot in here.  No really, we need some AC action.
Week 17

Week 17 – The correct doors are on the hutch cabinets, and the Nelson lamp is hung, ready for dinner guests.  We still need to stain the cabinets, but that’s just [one of the thousands of] details left to go.

Week 17 – The trim cit and stones for the fireplace are in but, unfortunately, the trim doesn’t quite fit.  Wah, wah ,waaaaah.  Someone gets to enjoy taking apart the fireplace blocks and then putting them up again.


Week 17 – The last of the sinks go in the master bathroom.  More rectangles, but up very high.  I’m not sure shorter-than-us people will like this, but it works great for us giants.

Week 17 – Like lightening, the forms for the driveway and sidewalks went in, and are ready to be poured.

Week 17 – The fence is started, and shouldn’t take long to finish.  We went with horizontal boards instead of vertical because as you can see, we can’t seem to get enough horizontal action here (keep it clean, folks).

Week 17 – The covetted green door.  Does this scream WELCOME enough for you?

Week 17 – It’s getting there, faster than I can believe, but we couldn’t be more excited.



  2. rockin, where is the pool?! I hope it's done by the time I get home (July 3rd).