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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Driving It [Home] in Week 18

This week was another state of frenzy, with the major hold up being the electric meter.  The electric meter had to go in, so the electricity was on, so the AC could run, so the floors can be sanded and stained, so the floors can dry, so the appliances can go in, and you get the point.  The "Critical Path" was on delay because the electric meter wasn't in until Wednesday (it was supposed to be in early last week).
Everything else not involved directly in that hold up was still busy with work.  The metal stair railings were designed and welded in place, the Bradford pear tree went in the front yard, the Zoysia sodding has been started, and the crushed granite and pavers been laid out.  The master bath tub came in, but with the wrong pedestal, so hopefully that won't take too long to correct. 

I believe the goal is to have things wrapped up by next Wednesday (June 22nd) in order to still try and close by June 30th (it takes at least a week to get the bank in line for all the final mumbojumbo).  I don't see how that logistically possible, but I'm willing to believe in fairy wings and angel dust.

Week 18 -  The driveway is poured and the landscaping begins - we agreed on a tree.  Welcome Mr. Bradford Pear, where is your partridge?

Week 18 - Stair railings.

Week 18 - The view on the way up.

Week 18 - The custom staircase we didn't even design turned out exactly how we didn't know we wanted.

Week 18 - Sodded Zoysia grass.  So soft, I would take a nap on it.

Week 18 - The view from the west.

Week 18 - The Kitchen Sink Faucet.  I'll admit, I like it.  Good job Andrew.

Week 18 - Remember the hockey puck doorknobs?  They're in!

Week 18 - The cabinets are correct now, and we can all breathe easier.

Week 18 - The guest closet blunder gets a barn-style door.  And yes, that is the mushroom-style light I'm not fond of.

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