The Countdown

Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Photos, Because I'm Sure You're Not Sick of This Yet

Week 18 - The front yard, sans any "landscaping."  I believe in the case of a stale mate, the GC makes his own decisions about shrubbery and the like.  TBD.

Week 18 - The gate is now sort of working, but not really.  Let's hope that changes soon.

Week 18 - Lilly's room with clean windows.  I love the light in here in the evening, but for our sanity, I will have to figure out how to block it so that she will actually believe it's bed time.

Week 18 - The office actually looks lighter with the windows cleaned.  Any ideas how to make this room up?  I'm thinking ORGANIZATION MANIA.

Week 18 - The Master room, looking to the bathroom.  There is a barn door there as well, and I believe it will be covered in a full length mirror.  I'm curious how that will actually work.

Week 18 - Master bedroom towards the front.  I'm starting to really fear the bill for window treatments, and I don't even know where to begin.

Week 18 - You haven't seen the master closet in a while, but as for me?  My love has not waned for even a moment.

Week 18 - The floors are stained and drying, and you can peek in to see the result.  We did a "coffee brown" stain, which I think nicely displays the variety of color and grain of the oak floors.

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