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Friday, May 20, 2011

Just be happy the internet isn't scratch and sniff

There has been a whole lot of painting and staining going on at our house this week - the kind of paint that singes the interior of your nose if you dare to sniff within the confines of our house.  The painters wear respirators, but I'm pretty sure that can't save anyone from the raging headache that lingers.  And I'm not sure why, but all the windows and doors are kept closed during the painting.  Pretty much death by intoxication.

Week 14 - The master closet drawers get a smattering of paint. 
I kind of want to tip one like dominoes and see what happens.

All walls were primed and painted, the trim and paint-grade cabinetry included, and this morning the crew began staining the kitchen cabinets.  The ebony stain is quite dark, but against the all pure white walls and counters, I'm hoping it'll be a nice contrast.

Week 14 - Thank you Sir, don't mind the crazy woman wielding a camera behind you.

Week 14 - Kitchen drawer fronts, wet with stain.
 Next week is the week I've been waiting for - Tile Week!  It is also exterior paint week (thanks again for all your help), and counter top week.  If the counters come in on time, I plan on camping out in a lawn chair behind the kitchen back splash tiler, and handing him the tiles, one by one.  Once tile goes up, you can't really take it down (easily anyways), and I want a random pattern, but not so random that there are repeats.  That won't be annoying at all, I'm sure.

Update on Completion:  In the past, it has depended on who we asked as to the answer we would get for completion date.  The level of  financial responsibility of the person we asked determined the level of accuracy and range we were given.  The Superintendent = no responsibility, answered we would be done before the end of June.  The GC = some responsibility, answers end of June to beginning of July.  The Builder = completely responsible for our financial impact from schedule, therefore answered sometime in June or July. 

I should say that if you noticed, I haven't mentioned the Superintendent in a while.  He actually left the company for a different position at another company a couple weeks ago.  No hard feelings, but the GC has been 100% responsible for our house every since.  I actually have found this to be easier, with less need for communication lines - everything goes to one person.  And I will give our GC this, he is a very patient and pleasant person, because he gets at a minimum of one phone call AND email from one of us on a daily basis.  Let's just say we're detailed oriented, with a touch of OCD.

But back to my point.  Today we had a quick meeting with both the GC and the Builder, and in the presence of each other, they agreed that the house will be done in June.  Hey-oh!  That. Is. Way. Close. Practically tomorrow.  I am in no way prepared to move again.  Time to panic.  A little.

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