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Friday, May 13, 2011

If a Wood Chuck could Chuck

I've been holding out on you.

For a whole week now, we've had cabinetry installed, and I didn't divulge my filthy secrets.  Mostly because I didn't have photos, and I didn't go inside the house for a few days when a new lock was put on the door.  Blah blah lame I know.  But also!  We have trim work!  Tomorrow they should start interior painting, so with any luck, I'll have better photos up by the end of the weekend.

The plan for next week, Week 14, is to grade the lot, finish cleaning the cinder block outside, and hopefully begin painting the outside.  I'm not sure when the woodwork and floors will be stained, but my guess is not for several more weeks.  We've notified our landlord that we will be moved out of our rental house by July 25th, so now the pressure is on...

Week 13 - Le Dining Area.  I wonder if we'll actually use it as such, or if it will become the mail-holding-center like our current table.  The cabinets above the buffet on the left currently have incorrect fronts- they will be glass front for our "china" (loosely interpreted).

Week 13 - The Living Room and Stairway.  The front of the cabinets flanking the fireplace will be wire mesh front for an industrial element.

Week 13 - The Kitchen and Wet Bar (on the right).  I imagine most of our time will be here, near the food and booze.  I'm not sure what that says about us.

Week 13 - The controversial pantry configuration.  Everyone has an opinion about how functional this will be in reality.  So far, having not used it, I'm down with it.  TBD.

Week 13 - In front on the wall, the refrigerator will be on the left, stove in the center and ovens on the right.  The front right is the infamous coffee bar.  Don't even get me started on the un-ending hunt for the "right" refrigerator.

Week 13 - On the way to the 3rd floor, rail caps and door trim!  Look!  Doors too!

Week 13 - Lilly's bathroom: counters on the near left, toilet on the far left, bathtub on the far right, and teeny linen closet on the near right.  The door configuration isn't ideal, but you win some, you lose some. 
This bathroom didn't win.

Week 13 - The clouds part and angels sing.  The Master Closet, with more drawers than I have ever encountered in my life.  I am drunk on all the space.

Week 13 - The master closet "shoe rack" on the left (with adjustable shelving and the built in chest on the right.  Can I have a drawer entirely dedicated to shorts?  Or bobby pins? Or maybe even nail polish?

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