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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For the Love of Bathrooms

I posted on how I envisioned the kitchen interior design developing.  The only other rooms that I really have any convictions about are the bathrooms.  I don't know why they are easier for me to run with, but I have a feeling it's because I work better under pressure. 

We made a visit to Daltile way back in November to pick out all the tile for the house, to circumvent any delays should any of our choices have long lead times (surprise!  the custom tile choices for the kitchen did! minimum 3 months!).  A very helpful sales associate, Nicole, listened to me spout off my not-so-coherent thoughts, and then guided me to exactly what we wanted.  She was like a mind reader.

This being said, choosing tile gave me a spring board for the rest of the design, and it seemed easier to go from there.  I tend to picture how I would like a room to go better if I find one item/aspect I really love, and base the rest of the look off that piece.  And I may have mentioned that I love tile once or twice.

The Master Bath:
I realize this is not the most original concept, but to me, master bathroom's are most enjoyed when clean and spa-like in atmosphere.  If you can't afford to spend your day at the spa because you just threw all your money at building a house, then you may as pretend in said house. 
  • We picked white and green glass subway tiles for the shower walls, a matching mosaic tile for the sink backsplash, and a large scale rectangle grey textured tile for the floors. 
  • My favorite tile of all may be the shower floor, which is river rocks.  It's like a massage for your feet when you walk on it, and I am unnaturally excited about this small detail.  The shower is our most used piece, so the most space and money was focused there.
  • We also chose a free-standing tub (golf course not included) over a jacuzzi tub, being as that neither of us really uses a tub very often, and if we do, we really tend to shy away from the bubble action.
  • In sticking with our modern concept, we chose above-counter rectangle sinks (dual sinks!) with the Moen 90 Degree line of faucets.
I feel relaxed just looking at this collage.  Please pass me a mai-tai.
The Guest Bathroom:
Guest bathrooms need to be inviting and clean, and I prefer a little humor mixed in.  Are you sensing a theme here?
  • I kept it light with all white subway tiles lining the shower, against the polished concrete floor. 
  • We chose wall-mounted sinks that kind of have a retro vibe, and remind me of the sinks in my elementary school bathrooms as a kid.  Color me nostalgic.
  • The blue and white with pops of orange came out of me wanting a design that somewhat referenced a Grecian feel, without beating you over the head with the souvlakie.  The Greeks (or was it Romans?) did know how to do up a bath proper.

Kind of Greek, kind of random, but never boring.

The Kid Bathroom:
I don't know how possible it is to keep Lilly's bathroom clean, but I can hope in the conceptual phases, right?  If anything, it should be fun, appropriate for a kid, but something she can grow into as well.  I'd like to not have to remodel it until she's a surly pre-teen if possible.  We went with the neutral white subway tiles again in her bathroom.

Art in a kid's bathroom is paramount.  More so than soap.
The Powder Bathroom:
This room was a little more difficult because location wise, it is the link between the kitchen and the living room, so it has to be complementary to both.  I have ideas about the kitchen, but the living room is still too daunting, so it's like trying to design somewhere between everything and nothing at the same time.  This room is still the most questionable, but I found a funny print I couldn't resist, and it has become the jumping off point for the rest of the tiny room.  Because if you're using the bathroom at someone's house, you always appreciate the ability to judge that person on available reading material.  Ahem.

I don't know where the purple/yellow thing came from, I just ran with it. 
It looks like I ran with it right into Mardi Gras

That wraps up our bathrooms.  Did I spend way too much effort/time considering these are just bathrooms?  You're probably right.  How do you decide how you want your bathroom to look?

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