The Countdown

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At least we have another week to pack

Survey says we will not be moving into our house this weekend. In fact there is a chance that we may not be going in the following weekend either.

It all comes down to the gaping hole of an area where a master tub should be.

Ironically, at the beginning, we didn't even really want a tub since neither of us use it, but it needs to be there for resale value. And now it's the one item that is holding us up.

The punch list is there, but can be accomplished. The plumbing final inspection can't be done until the tub is in. Once it goes in, we have about a 3 day wait until we take the keys. If the tub can ship this Friday, we MAY get it in the following Tuesday (holiday weekend!) making move in Friday the 8th. If we're lucky really.

Dear Universe, a new COMPLETED house would be the best birthday gift ever, hint hint.

That, and magical fairies that pack and unpack all the boxes, but the preference is the first gift if we're making selections here.

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