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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Dream Team

We have lived in this house for a week now, and every day, we wake up in awe.  We can't believe that we are so blessed that this, THIS, is our house.  It is a dream come true for us.  And we owe so many people more than thanks for the help and support that we were given in order to make this project happen.  And wow, I'm pretty sure someone will pinch me and I'll wake up. 

Our parents have been invaluable sources of support, advice and experience for us to rely on.  We are incredibly lucky to have parents that are close to us and willing to pick up their grandchild when we're moving and unpacking 8.3 billion boxes.  If you've ever tried to pack boxes with a two year old around, it is an exercise in 1 step forward 25 steps back.

Our friends and family helped us make crucial decisions when we had lost any sense of perspective.  They were an endless sound board, listening, cheering and sympathizing with all the little gripes along the way.  And then, when it was time to move in, without us even asking, they showed up with bulging muscles and health insurance policies to cover the back surgery they would need after moving boxes.  It was so. many. boxes.  And of course, it was unbearably hot last weekend. 

The Builder/GC team we went with made this process such a good experience for us.  It was not without bumps in the road, but I would turn around and do it again with them in a heart beat, no question about it.  I'm pretty sure the GC will go through withdrawal from Andrew's phone calls, but it is a testament to his patience that he answered the phone nearly EVERY TIME Andrew called him.  I will not go into detail, but it was more than once a day, and not much less than a dozen times a day.

Our friends and family are the awesomest.  A million thanks to all.  You all now own stock in this family, and we pay dividends in the form of party beverages.  I'll let you know when the next distribution is up!

Week 21 - Move in Day, July 8th, 2011.  Officially, the home pad.

Week 21 - We start by providing atmosphere with flowers.

Week 21 - The vent hood extension went in T-minus 20 minutes before they handed us the keys.

Week 21 - This was the last time the kitchen counter was clear to date.

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