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Friday, September 30, 2011

Shout Outs, Unintentional and Intentional

Our neighbors house was featured in the New York Times several weeks ago.  On Saturdays, the NYT features homes across the country that can be found in certain price points.  What kind of home can you get for $435K in Texas versus Conneticut, etc.  A total honor for our neighbor (and awesome exposure for his on-the-market house), we were happy to ride the coat tails of his fame by being the house next door in the photos.  Also, not realizing the photographer really was taking full-spectrum shots, I unwittingly am standing in one of them, chatting away with said neighbor.  A bittersweet end, our neighbor received several offers on his home after the article ran, and he moved out two weeks ago.  We have a new couple next door now, of whom I have met the husband, so I look forward to getting to know them better.

Also, in actual news that actually has to do with our home, The GHBA had its annual awards ceremony last weekend, and our kitchen won the category for Houston's Best Custom Home Kitchen - Home under $1 Million!  Our builder was very excited (it's his first award at this event), and even though Andrew and I were both kind of indifferent/wish-washy about this competition (we didn't really understand what was going on) we feel kind of goofy/lucky to have been acknowledged at all.  Kind of cool feeling though. :)

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