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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rain on the Parade

We are what almost 2.5 months into construction, and this should have been us closing on the halfway point.  Key word here is should.  We got the disappointing news this week that essentially our completion date is being moved from end of March to end of May. As in 2 months longer.  That sound is my palm violently slapping my forehead.  The major reason for delay is the patio door in the living room.  The complexity of this door - procuring said door, installing said door - is our nemesis right now.  It is the critical path.  Because this door is taking longer to get here than anticipated, and it will not be here until the second week of February, we can not start dry wall until that door is installed.

We were originally supposed to put our home on the market this week but that has now been moved back to March in order to avoid a potential long stint homeless in transition.  Womp womp.

I am trying to see this as a positive, that going on the market in March when it is (hopefully) nice out is actually preferred over cold, damp January.  It even meant we got to have a lazy weekend instead of rushing to finish up the last few touch ups and runs to storage.

We do have a fair amount of progress from the last construction post, the most obvious being that the house has been skinned, windowed and roofed.  The brick still needs to be put up on the first floor, but we are still waiting for a few windows to arrive that came in wrong.

The back has taken shape, and we have an actual balcony starting to come together.

Say "Hi!"Andrew!

If you walk up to the master bedroom balcony, you end up with quite the view of all our neighbors' yards.  Obviously we are going to need to put in some tall foliage for privacy, theirs and ours.

Stepping into the master bedroom, we see the bedroom entrance on the left and the bathroom on the opposite side.  I am abusing the "Pano" function on my phone and getting really creepy, distorted shots of Andrew as a result.

Every woman knows where real estate value gets REAL, and that is in the closet.  Well because we now two large have HVAC chases running through the master closet, a serious amount of redesign is having to be done with that primo property.

When you step into the we-don't-know-what-yet room, you will see a stair case on the other side of what will eventually be a wall.  That is the attic stair case which is a permanent feature as we did not want to deal with a disappearing staircase any longer.

It's like a secret passage way... Medusa's space lair.

The "media room" in all it's glory, which is not much glory as it is rather small.

And here Gabe will show off his room which is next door to the media room.  His closet will be his favorite.  Perhaps we will store pants that are long enough for him in said closet.

And back downstairs, the living room is starting to look more habitable, except for the boarded up gaping hole of a wall on the left where a certain sliding door should be.

In the kitchen, there are a few minor issues... Like making sure the vent hole for the venthood is actually centered between the windows.  Measuring fail.

Our dining room is closed in, although the right window needs to be installed.  Now that the roof and walls are all on, the house seems extremely dark, and I am hoping that will change once the drywall and white paint go up.

Last time we built during an epic drought, so of course this time we would be building during a complete deluge of a winter.  We are learning the reality of rain delay well this go around, but forging ahead with what we can in terms of plumbing and electricity in the mean time.

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  1. Your patio doors will be insanely gorgeous and I will be even more insanely jealous.