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Friday, January 23, 2015

Zen Master

We are back, 2 weeks later, and we've had a few sunny days, which instantly puts me in a better mood.  Not a ton has happened recently, but I think I've let go of the idea of this being on any sort of schedule, and I'm learning to just accept that it will progress at the speed that it will.  There is not a whole lot we can do about that besides throw tantrums about it to the builder.  Probably not entirely productive, so trying to be flexible.

And let's face it.  It's kind if nice to not have to be showing our current home on the market right now.  I'm not totally hating that delay.

We got a coat of primer paint on the siding.

The exterior paint we selected will be the below color with white trim and light gray brick on the first floor front and back.

Kind of a blue-ish gray.  I'm hoping it is a nice, clean contrast to vibrant green grass/trees/landscaping.  The cedar wood support columns and wood garage door will be stained a dark mocha brown.

Lilly has announced several times her displeasure with the inequity of the bedroom patio situation.  She thinks her bedroom should have a patio, and she has proposed she and I switch rooms.  I told her she can have as many patios as she wants when she pays for the house herself.

We do have an installed fireplace now, which is fairly similar to our current fireplace.  Not that it really gets used a whole lot in this climate, but it's a nice focal point for the room.

When we have to take both kids on a site visit, we normally have to tag team because the temptation to eat rusty nails is too great for a certain smaller member of this family.  Occasionally we give up the fight of trying to hold the rabid jackal he becomes in our arms while touring and let him do his thing, because, you know, Darwinism, right?

Andrew in the powder room.  He is not pretending to pee.

I see you!  Gabe knows I'm the one with weaker resolve when it comes to holding him, so if he wants down and Daddy isn't having it, Mama is a better bet and he will demand I hold him.  Seems so endearing, but really calculated and manipulative.

We are not putting in a sand box per se, but if we have any leftover after grading the yard, it might not be a terrible addition.

The windows that originally arrived wrong were replaced by, some correct windows and some wrong windows but wrong in a different way than originally wrong.  So there's that.  Oh and they are wrong.  But because it has been sunny, I have faith they will soon become right.  Go Team Windows.  Anyways, we are still waiting for our sliding patio door as it slowly hikes it's way from Florida, 
so back to channeling that zen of it will all be as it is to be.  Or something.

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