The Countdown

Friday, March 13, 2015

Option Pending

.... The second best words you can hear as a home seller behind "sold."  Our house went on the market on Thursday, we had an Open House on Sunday with several showings in between and by Sunday night we had our first offer - 4 days total on the market.  Monday morning led to more offers as a game of offer-ping-pong commenced, making my phone a permanent appendage while I watched the texts from the realtor flood in.  Monday night we signed with the offer we liked best, and we are currently waiting through the option period to get confirmation that all systems go.  Best news?  We get to leaseback our home until the new home is complete, so color me relieved we don't have to move twice OR keep the house show-ready with the kids home.  My parents mercifully took the kids the entire weekend so we didn't have to run behind them swatting things out of their hands all day.  Something that I have never thought to do, but was a nice touch is that each offer was submitted with a personal letter attached.  It may have been coached by realtors, but it did make us feel better about selling the house we obviously have some emotional stake in.  Fingers crossed this all goes smoothly!

At the new house, we have a fence started, so there is that.  The walls are still being fixed, and we are anxious to see cabinets go in soon.

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