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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wood makes it somewhat recognizable

Cabinets have gone in!  This means it kind of/sort of is starting to look like a house.  At least Lilly recognizes it as one now, as she proceeded to let me know where she was going to sit to eat breakfast in the mornings.  I told her eating in the mudroom was not an option.

Kitchen view left.  Fridge and pantry on your left, ovens on the back left and range on the back wall in the middle.

Kitchen view.  Still looks like an angry Transformer to me.  Kitchen sink and dishwasher on the right at the window.

This looks striking similar to our last living room layout.  Because clearly that's how we like it.

The dining room wainscoting (I bet the British came up with that word, it sounds too proper) is up, as well as the china cabinet on the left.

My Dearest Mudroom.  Thank you for being you.  And for holding our ridiculous amount of junk we haul around all day.

Partial view of the guest bath.  Lilly can almost reach the cabinets these days.

Master bath.  Yeah, we're not sure what that gaping hole above the linen cabinets is either.  Looks like someone didn't measure twice, cut once.  That is going away.

Master sink space!  To make a total mess on!  Because I like to see ALL my products and makeup on the counter all the time it seems.

Really poor pano of the master closet built-ins.  I love me some drawers.

Laundry room, which will have some counter space and a sink!  I feel very spoiled by that.  Having a toddler boy means a lot more pre-washing of clothing than I've ever done before, and I imagine it won't get any better.

An extra hallway closet upstairs.  One day it's supposed to hold something called The Brain, but my eyes kind of glaze over when Andrew gets all riled up on technology topics.

The kids' sinks in their shared bathroom. I didn't think it would be a big deal to have the kids share a bathroom but the most frequent comment we get is, "you are letting a brother and sister share a bathroom??" I figure it's better they learn how to share/deal with opposite gender bathroom habits now.  All about adulthood preparation here.  I never shared a bathroom with a boy until Andrew and I got serious, and I think there was a learning curve on both sides of that coin.

Lilly's bedroom.  And she doesn't stand still for pano shots.  Finally some light!

Gabe's closet got some fun shelving in the middle.

All the painting and caulking is being done this week.  Hoping that wood flooring goes in next week.  Stay tuned!

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