The Countdown

Monday, April 20, 2015

In and Out

We are hoping we are less than 5 weeks from completion at this point, and starting to feel like a lot is getting done but there is still so. much. left.  Last time I remember feeling this way until they handed us the keys.

And we have some color!  External painting is almost done.  Once that is done, the metal roofing can go on.

Brick is still partially done and progress is slow.  It turns out the brick we picked is very heavy and tends to pull off the brick ties if too much is done at once and has wet mortar, which means it has to be done in stages in order to allow the mortar to dry and adhere to the brick ties.  Plus, the brick contractor keeps ordering too little brick.  So brick pace has been seemingly glacial.

The back is starting to take shape.

Also, we have wood stairs and railings, which makes us more comfortable letting the kids run around.  Except for all those rogue, rusty nails.

And wood floors went in.  We did a sand-and-finish oak floor as we wanted solid wood floors. They feel great and I am curious how they will look once stained.

The mantle got a layer of decorative brick, and the beam in the ceiling is starting to look semi-legit.

We have an apron kitchen sink!  Still not sure how this will do for washing dishes but I think I'll figure it out.

Here is a sneak peek of the kitchen backsplash which is starting to go up.  We had some tile contractor drama when  they flat out refused to do white tile with dark grout... which we have in a LOT of areas around the house.  It's part of that retroish feel we were going after, so changing the tile/grout at this point was not happening.  Apparently the tiler doesn't like that dark grout shows inconsistencies/mistakes a lot more obviously.  So please do it right the first time, Sir. 😫 Our builder managed to talk the tiler off his ledge, and we are moving forward.

Our hidden recipe book shelf is on the end of the island.

I do have to say I love the tile on the kids bathroom floor and can't wait to see it grouted.

And the subway tile on the shower wall is  in progress.

Granite countertops for each kiddo.

All the different tiles in the Master bath are going up.  It's hard to tell, but the sink backsplash is a teal glass tile.  Last time I was all over green glass tile, this time, it's teal.

Look who showed up!  We will have a bath tub that fits in our bathroom this time.

And the fun part (as if so much tile was not just awesome enough)... We put down a deposit on a pool, so as soon as we close on the house, we will tear up our back yard with pool construction.  We are very excited to finally have a pool and hope to be swimming in it come August. 

What I'm staring to realize is that in our twenties, we were looking for making homes where we would go OUT.  In our thirties, we are creating homes we want to stay IN.  It's an interesting shift in our lifestyle that is a result of a bunch of different life changes which have all happened so quickly.  Still leaves me reeling occasionally.

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