The Countdown

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pushing through the Ugly

We have 2 weeks left - it is the anticipated countdown - and tensions and stress levels are peaking.  Everyone (including ourselves) just wants to have this project done, but it is easy to overlook things when so many details are being slammed together in the last moments.  It's got to be done right, we worked too hard to let things slide now.  So we are being careful, and critical and dare I say picky.  Because the details matter.  I can't look at a slightly crooked wall sconce every day.  I just can't.

The Punch (Me) List has started.

Floor stain choices - we went for the second from the left.

A front door, a very tall one!  Those windows are above me head and I'm not known for being petite in stature.

Toilets!  These are very important things.

Bricking is done!  Tiling of the phantom door/wall area is in progress.

Finished floors, not finished mantle and ceiling beam.

Slate is going in on the balcony.

Cork floors and carpet upstairs are done now.

And we have a sycamore tree!  I was not at all prepared for the cost of non-sapling trees and may have choked a little when we were given the price range.  But trees are worth it (I hope.  Please don't die Tree.).

Waiting for the venthood extension, but we have all appliances, minus the refrigerators, installed now.

One day my pool will come.

Come on in and stay a while!  We have a (really big) dining light!

Bathrooms are getting there, we have the  sinks in the master bath now, just waiting on mirrors.

Lighting in the cellar is ready and waiting for Andrew and his dad to build the shelving/storage.  Also, we are waiting on the refrigeration unit, which is kind of important in a cellar (so I've been told).  I like to think of the cellar as a cold panic room.

And in addition to the cell/panic room for escape, we have the glorious iPad.  Because the pressure we are experiencing is felt by the kids as well, and sometimes we just need to chill out, PBSkids style.

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