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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Buggering Sod

Six days to closing and we have found the culprit.  There is always something that threatens to hold us up on close, and this time it is grass.



Last time it was a bath tub and plumbing permit - this time it is something that doesn't even go in the house.  It doesn't even require a permit.

All that rain we've had this year?  The incessant deluge that has been this winter and spring?  Turns out that is a problem if you want to cut sod.  We are having zoysia grass put in, which will likely be even harder to get cut because there is less supply of it.

We need 3 days rain-free in order for it to be dry enough to cut, and then we cross our fingers that we can find enough zoysia somewhere.  So we are doing the opposite of what we usually do when praying to rain gods and asking them to cut us a break for a week.  I'm asking for a full week on behalf of our pool contractor who also is chomping at the bit to start digging a big hole in our yard. Because I imagine non-stop rain can create cash flow issues for pool builders who are paid on milestone completion.

We had preliminary walk-through yesterday which over all went pretty well. We opened every drawer, flushed every toilet, ran every faucet, and checked every light switch.  Andrew even felt every wall surface to make sure the paint was consistently the same finish.  There are several items still in progress but we are fairly confident that by our close on Tuesday  they can all be completed to our satisfaction.  

Except for the dang grass.

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