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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Home Sweet Home

The last 3 weeks have completely kicked our bums.  We have lived in this house for two weeks, and I'm pretty sure unpacking will take a decade, give or take an eon.  

Backing up.

That sod problem?  It was fixed pretty much right after I posted the last update. The REAL kicker?  Monsoon season.

Mother Nature Reigns.  

Mother Nature Rains.

We were supposed to close on Tuesday after Memorial Day, when wouldn't you know it, Monday night, one of the most disastrous rainstorms/flash flooding incidents to even happen in Texas hit.  We were extremely lucky, even as we watched updates from our soon-to-be neighbor on the status of the lake around our soon-to-be house.

The water got about half way up the yard, and miraculously the sod did not float down the river of our street.  I know that many were not so lucky and that puts the inconvenience of a minor closing delay in perspective.

So our closing was pushed to late Wednesday afternoon and dragged into evening because we had to make about 15 different corrections to our HUD.  In the past decade, I have had to review 6 different HUD's.  In the six years of our daughter's life, this is her fourth home.  I know my way around closing documents at this point, which is not a goal I ever strived to attain.  I'm officially staying here forever.  Maybe.  Famous last words, right? 

Thursday, sweet moving day came, and I managed to start with the delightful setback of breaking a toe.  My fourth toe on my right foot actually.  Which is a completely useless toe honestly, and with the amount of a pain it is, I would be tempted to lop that sucker right off.  Discounted pedicures?

Andrew pretty much orchestrated the entire move, and hustled for 4 days straight like I have not witnessed before.  We had movers, but he and his dad emptied out storage unit and dragged all those boxes upstairs.  It was pure chaos.  Moving with 2 kids running under foot is an exercise in futility.  I really really really  don't like the act of moving, and I am greatful that Andrew managed that part basically on his own.  I was kid-wrangler, unpacker and box director.

The pay off is very sweet though.  Living here has been a dream come true in many ways.  I thought my commute would be so much more difficult.  It's not.  It's pretty easy and I feel like it's easier to get through our routine here.  I'm not exhausted getting the kids in the car in the morning.  I have energy when I get home from work.  I didn't even realize how much effort was going in to our life as it was.  It's not perfect, but it's more than I could have imagined.

The kids have adjusted really well and you can tell they are enjoying all the space.  They run the hallways daily screeching and laughing the whole way.  Lilly got to walk home from school on her last day of kindergarten which is pretty much the coolest thing ever to her.

Life is good.

A week after we moved in, we started the next project because, seize the moment people!  Pool construction is in full swing and we are all counting the days until we can let the kids out without having a heart attack that they will fall in a gaping concrete hole in the yard.  Also, the pterodactyls posing as mosquitoes are eating us alive, literally.  Not as much outdoor time as we would like, but we're hoping that gets better soon.  Meanwhile, dreaming of cold drinks poolside.


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